5 Day Navy Seal Recce Class

5 Day Navy Seal Recce Class

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By the end of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of modern reconnaissance principles and practical skills, enabling them to effectively plan and execute information-gathering missions in various environments. These skills are valuable for outdoor enthusiasts, security professionals, and anyone interested in learning advanced techniques for navigation, observation, and survival. Instructor: Phil Morden

Dates: October 10th-14th, 2024

Location: Cloudcroft, NM

Military Drones Provided By EchoMav

  1. Introduction to Reconnaissance
    • Definition and objectives of reconnaissance
    • Historical examples and case studies
    • Importance of recce in military operations
  2. Mission Planning and Preparation
    • Intelligence gathering and analysis
    • Mission briefing and planning procedures
    • Equipment selection and preparation
  3. Navigation and Land Orientation
    • Map reading and interpretation
    • Use of GPS and other navigation tools
    • Terrain analysis and route selection
  4. Surveillance Techniques
    • Observation and reporting methods
    • Use of binoculars, cameras, and other surveillance equipment
    • Techniques for remaining undetected
  5. Camouflage and Concealment
    • Principles of effective camouflage
    • Techniques for blending into various environments
    • Construction of hides and observation posts
  6. Fieldcraft and Survival Skills
    • Basic survival skills in various environments
    • Techniques for staying hidden and silent
    • First aid and emergency medical procedures
  7. Tactical Movement and Patrolling
    • Movement techniques for different terrains
    • Silent movement and stalking
    • Formation and spacing for patrols
  8. Communication and Reporting
    • Use of radios and other communication devices
    • Protocols for secure and effective communication
    • Techniques for concise and accurate reporting
  9. Counter-Reconnaissance Techniques
    • Detecting and countering enemy reconnaissance efforts
    • Methods for misleading and confusing the enemy
    • Defensive measures to protect own reconnaissance assets
  10. Practical Exercises and Field Training
    • Simulated recce missions
    • Real-world navigation and surveillance exercises
    • Debriefing and analysis of field exercises
  11. Advanced Reconnaissance Skills
    • How to use drones and avoid drone detection
    • Techniques for urban reconnaissance
    • Coordination with other military units and assets



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  • If you cancel less than 30 days before the class date, you will receive no refund.
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